After School and Holiday Club

Why Choose
Kids Kapers?

Keeping a record of your child's progress

For children under the age of 5 years old we provide a diary to record all information such as  observations,photos and samples of the children's work. This allows us to track and record your child's development and progress. The child can then take their diary home at the end of each term.

Social development is key

Social development is a key aspect of children’s overall development, which is why socialising is so important for children. Socialising enables children to develop a sense of self, and to learn what is expected of them from the people around them. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

 •Our staff have over 15 years experience

 •All staff are fully qualified and have appropriate clearances.

 •We have ample space.

 •Activity room, chill out room, gym, field, park and woodland.

 •A variety of exciting activities to explore.

 •Freshly prepared hot meals.

 •Safe, reliable and flexible.

 •Fun and friendly environment.

 •Kids Kapers have consistently met all of OFSTED’s arduous standards .

For over 20 years Kids Kapers has been at the heart of child care in the community and We have built an enviable reputation for our holiday club. We provide a safe fun and stimulating environment for all of the children who attend.

.We  offer a holiday club that runs throughout school holidays.

Kids Kapers offers a large space where children are able to explore wider friendships and express themselves through free play and semi structured activities.

Staff are qualified, experienced and have obtained appropriate clearance checks to ensure suitability. Staff are friendly and inviting, whilst promoting positive behaviours in a safe, reliable and flexible environment with a variety of activities games and free space to explore.

Each child is offered a freshly prepared and cooked hot meal during session.

 Tel:07773 484171



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