After School and Holiday Club

Social Development

Social development is a key aspect of children’s overall development, which is why socialising is so important for children. Socialising enables children to develop a sense of self, and to learn what is expected of them from the people around them. The skills children learn while socialising will support them when reaching many developmental milestones, as well as benefiting them throughout their lives.

Kids Kapers offers a large space where children are able to explore wider friendships and express themselves through free play and semi structured activities.

 Children have the opportunity to form new friendships with children from different schools and develop their confidence and self awareness. Kids Kapers has enabled many children with forming solid relationships that has supported them during their transition into secondary school and further education.

That’s not all...

Kids Kapers is a holiday club which runs 9am-5pm Monday to Friday at school holiday times.

Staff are qualified, experienced and have obtained appropriate clearance checks to ensure suitability.

Staff are friendly and inviting, whilst promoting positive behaviours in a safe, reliable and flexible environment with a variety of activities, games and free space to explore.

Kids Kapers have children from different schools, as a result our kids learn how to socialise

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